Every space is a stage

Artery lets anyone bring creative experiences to life, in places you may not expect.

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Attend performances and exhibits in unique places. Think rooftops, living rooms, backyards, stores after dark.

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We make it easy for you to put something together with amazing people, anywhere you want.

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Find local hosts who want to create unique experiences with you.

How Artery Works

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We built Artery because meaningful experiences are rarely mass produced. It’s about creation, not content.


Artery is…


Artery is free to join. We keep the lights on with a 5% per ticket fee, but everything else goes to the performers and the host.


The money people spend on Artery goes directly back into the local scene. Hosts and performers work out how they split the support you're providing, so everyone is getting a fair shake.


Artery members build their reputation with every showcase. And we take your digital security seriously — we respect your privacy, data and time.


Anyone can use Artery. You can perform one week and host the next. You can let the attendees decide the price — it’s a flexible platform, do with it what you will.

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