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Hi and welcome, thought you’d want to know why Artery exists in the first place. This “about” page may change, but our mission won’t. We started Artery because we believe that creation is more than content — it’s a connection between people.

Our mission is to make experiencing creative work better, for everyone involved: the artist, the host and the audience. So we built a platform to connect people who want to go, not just to like. To perform on a stoop or offer walls to a painter. To bring concerts to life on rooftops, to reimagine everyday spaces, to bring friends and neighbors together to see something good.

Just as there were salons in Paris and rent parties in Harlem, Artery’s mission is to extend these real life creative connections. You can bring creative experiences to life by connecting with people around town, or across an ocean.

We’re both journalists, and this welcome is on behalf of our entire growing team of cellists, coders, painters, dancers, musicians and developers who brought Artery from an idea to the ones and zeros, the red, blue and green pixels you’re seeing now.

So thanks for looking and don’t be shy — we’d love to hear from you.


Salimah Ebrahim & Vladic Ravich
and the entire Artery team


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