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We started in the food distribution business dabout 12 years ago in Montreal. In 2014 we wanted to build a retail/cafe/bistro in Toronto. Which brings us here at solita (south of little Italy). We brought a little of Europe and Montreal flare to this small cozy storefront to enjoy a coffee while working or a snack with a little wine before going to your next destination or browse the store for your next meal idea.

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An eclectic literary salon, ad hoc and sneakily wonderful. Tell your favourites.

What to expect

A reading, some music, a break, a reading. Everyone gets 20 minutes. The crowd is supportive and friendly, curious, engaged. You will probably make a new good friend. This month featuring: MARIANNE APOSTOLIDES is a writer here in Toronto. She's written 6 books in 20 years, each, in different ways, about the body's appetite and how physical experience gets translated into language. MARIANNE will read for us. [] BEN DOERKSEN is a folk songwriter from Guelph, Ontario, now living in Toronto. He's played all over, sometimes with a band, sometimes not. Come hear what a rough cut diamond sounds like. BEN will play for us. [] SPENCER GORDON is a writer based in Toronto. He's published lots, won and selected others to win literary prizes, taught people to write, and co-founded the literary journal The Puritan. SPENCER will read for us. []

Why is this happening?

Since 2013, AMAZING NEW STUFF has been showcasing writers and musicians in Toronto. We specialize in creators that are outrageously talented but not that easy to find in small venues. The most common reaction people have to the show is "I can't believe I got to be there." Come join us!


Toronto, Canada

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