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Chris Graham

Toronto • Hosting at a mystery location

It turns out that a great way to see/hear/meet creative people is to do the legwork of organizing a space for them to perform and inviting people to come see/hear that performance. It's a gift both given and received.

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An eclectic literary salon, ad hoc and sneakily wonderful. Tell your favourites.

What to expect

A reading, some music, a break, a reading. Everyone gets 20 minutes. The crowd is supportive and friendly, curious, thoughtful, engaged. You will probably make a new good friend. This month featuring: KRISTEL JAX is amazing. She writes fiction, creates and produces music (you may know her as Brigitte Bardon't), takes photographs, makes art, does journalism, directs and co-founds art galleries. Her appearance here is eight months in the making. Kristel will read for us, and it will change your relationship to creativity. [] GRAHAM NICHOLAS is an extraordinary folk singer/songwriter. His songs tell stories of heartbreak and troubled souls, each one handled tenderly, with great care and affection. Graham will sing for us, and it will warm your heart. [] JOWITA BYDLOWSKA is like light through ice. She writes fiction and non-fiction. The last time she read for ANS it was from "Drunk Mom", a memoir about drinking. It was a show-stopper. This time she will read from "Guy", a novel about a terrible guy. Some people will be offended but in the best way. []

Why is this happening?

Since 2013, AMAZING NEW STUFF has been showcasing writers and musicians in Toronto. We specialize in creators that are outrageously talented but not that easy to find in small venues. The most common reaction people have to the show is "I can't believe I got to be there." Come join us!

Toronto, Canada

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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