Space Info


The performers are all women and all badass. Continuing my mission to create spaces within music that don't often occur but need to.

What to expect

Expect to have your mind blown and your heart lifted. Mingle and make some new friends after the performance! BYOB

Why is this happening?

The entertainment industry is often male dominated, this creates a paradigm which is felt in creative spaces. I want to restore balance to the force and create a space for women to explode their creativity sans any realized or unrealized boundaries created by the aforementioned environment.

My Expected Draw

2 - 3

What’s a showcase?

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Showcases are popup performances hosted by people in their own spaces. All attendees agree to treat the space and performers with respect. Showcases should start on time and everyone should leave after the program, unless the host invites you to stay. Please read the description or contact the presenter to clarify any logistics.

Average audience 15 people

45-90 minutes runtime

Usually BYOB

Proceeds go to the host and performers

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