Duo Adias EP Release

Presented by Concetta Abbate

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Concetta Abbate

New York, NY, USA • Hosting in a house

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"Adias" is an adverb derived from an ancient Romance language spoken in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. Duo Adias embodies the meaning of now. The musical ensemble includes Concetta Abbate on five string electric violin using electronic pedals and loops as well as Benjamin Engel on drum set and synth. The duo's compositional style involves loose road maps that take improvisational turns. With each song the listener finds themselves in a cloudy haze ready to navigate their next dreamscape. The venue Animal Church, houses two adorable cats and a small poodle. True to it's name was formerly an active church. It boasts tall 14 foot ceilings providing excellent acoustics for any musical event. Opening acts include... Tidal Channel: Drawing upon regional folklore & situationist exercises, they incorporate psychogeographical elements into most of their individual & collaborative work. Harsh noise & dense harmonies, interrupted by decisive insertions of poetry & desperation. http://www.tidalchannel.com/ Ben Seretan: As a rule, electric guitar. Beard. Minimalism. Guitar pedals. Open tuning, finger style. "Ecstatic Joy" tattooed on chest. Goes swimming in most bodies of water in most weather, generally in underwear. California. New York City. Talks too much in-between songs. Sometimes really loud, sometimes really quiet, sometimes solo, sometimes with a band. http://www.benseretan.com/

What to expect

This show is BYOB, feel free to bring both food and drink. The music will call for a contemplative atmosphere and listening room. Hosts will provide lively reflection, conversation and a bonfire (weather pending) afterwards.

Why is this happening?

This is a new artistic experiment and collaboration.


Brooklyn, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

Attending this Showcase

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