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Tomas Rodriguez

Brooklyn, NY • Hosting in an apartment

I am a professional musician and my wife is a professor of education at a local university as well as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. We are of Spanish and Latin American background and bilingual Spanish/English.

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Shelley performs her original compositions and traditional songs from the Mediterranean and Balkans, accompanying herself on the oud (Arabic lute), percussion, and loop station. She incorporates microtonal world vocal styles and improvisation to create a richly ethereal, transportive effect.

What to expect

High vibe, intricate and emotive compositions and vocal explorations; best experienced without alcohol to experience connection to source energy and receive maximum sound healing benefits.

Why is this happening?

To share windows into rich musical traditions and give listeners opportunities for connection, growth, healing, and inspiration.


Brooklyn, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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