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mali sastri

Boston, MA, United States • Hosting in a house, in a yard

I'm a musician and performer and have been curating and producing shows (at Cloud Club and elsewhere) in Boston for the last 10+ years. My show series is called Org. My band is Jaggery.

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THE PERFORMANCE: Exit the echo chamber- is a multimedia performance centered around original poetry of Hussam Jefee-Bahloul, a Syrian poet, writer who lives in America. The poems merge with original electric musical scores by composer and cellist George Crotty. An installation of a video art piece by Syrian artist Khalil Younis ties the creative elements together in one multi-sensory experience. The performance elicits an experience that explores themes of- time, change, loss, war, and exile. It does it through creative elements that transcend the collective/public into the singular/private.

What to expect

50 min performance, dark atmosphere with projected video art, cello/electric music, and poetry read loud and soft.

Why is this happening?

The idea began with poetry, and how to present it in a new way. The project wants to liberate the poetic voice from the tyranny of paper. The project represents a series of different collaborations between poets and artists. The multifaceted nature of this experience invites all three creative forms to transcend imposed creative boundaries and offer new experiential nuances.


Boston, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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