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Laura Arena

NYC • Hosting in a studio

My name is Laura Arena and I am a graphic designer, artist and curator for a project space located in Red Hook called DE-CONSTRUKT projekts. We develop projects with local and international artists that support the cross pollination of ideas and experimentation among cultural diverse artists and audiences.

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Join us for the next installment of Home Audio's monthly experimental music and art shows in Red Hook Brooklyn. Come check out our visiting artists all the way from Berlin, Australia, Switzerland and Pennsylvania! VAX PREBRONO VAX (pr. "fazjsch") : TRIX - sax VONE - drum BIZ - synth VAX PREBRONO is the New York batting warm-up prelude preaxial pretension to VAX PROBRONO, which will be in later in a foreign land. Our last hit in Red Hook was at Richard's for the VAX of July in 20XX, and if you thought that was a scene then, well, you ought to get your welding helmet back on and get over here for this girl. a small shove off from where we left it last year - feverishly downloading nord harpsichord patches for a yet unmade reference of one downsmanship. VONE would add that though he has played justin bieber keytar extensively in θa past (twice) he has not enjoyed it or found out where he left it, and are his cymbals dry enough, are the silver discs of sheetmetal suspended gracefully or is the urgency enough for a motorized sawblade but not this time, this time TRIX clenches up for the opportunity of his imaginary helmet cam and the infinite range of possible prances he can slip on that wide and virile stage Downtown. This Is (Y)our Moment, BIZ remarks but is it, and won’t it have a slicky-sweet plastic taste compared to the grit and old oil remnants still squelched into the cobblestones of red hook, where there are still no subway tubes but a different kind of circumstantial underground much Better the work is a piece of historical fiction set in India (pronounced: Egypt) Dino Georgeton: drums are cool, but hitting them is pretty 20th century. they made more sense when they were a reference to everyday sounds, but everyday sounds today aren’t percussive; everyday sounds in 21st century new york are results of motors, friction, and existential angst. so this is a conceptual reappropriation of the drums to work with a different set of references, by exploring their internal resonances with overpowered electric toothbrush motors and with amplified brainwaves resulting from my own existential reflection DJ Eric Umble Fionnuala Heidenreich (visual installation) ********************************** RSVP on Artery for exact address Sliding scale $10-20 BYOB Snacks provided

What to expect

This will be an evening centered around experimental music performances with breaks in between to socialize and hang out. Expect a chill relaxed vibe, but an attentive crowd during the performances. Please BYOB.

Why is this happening?

We're doing this show to share an evening of experimental performance and art in the intimate environment of someone's home, to build community by connecting audience to performers.


Brooklyn, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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