Let's Talk About Death

Presented by Alicen Grey

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Voodoo Lounge Underground

Brooklyn, NY, United States • Hosting in a house, in a yard, at a bar, at a mystery location, in other

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Death is a universal experience—there's nothing more human than living and dying!—yet it's "morbid" or "impolite" to mention death in everyday life. Why do we fear, avoid and disparage Death? I want to explore that question, and I want to explore it with YOU. At "Let's Talk About Death," you'll be invited to engage in discussions and writing prompts between performances by featured artists, and there will be an open mic at the end where you can share what you've written.

What to expect

The topic of this event is Death, but you can expect an intimate, casual, maybe even lighthearted atmosphere. If the weather's nice, we'll be in a starlit backyard surrounded by foliage. If the weather's not nice, we'll be in a cozy basement that may or may not be haunted. ;) Tea and sweets will be served. FEATURING: Alicen Grey Steven Licardi Erica Buddington Omri Kadim Kelly Isaacs Arielle Davinger

Why is this happening?

As a writer, my body of work confronts taboos about gender, sexuality, spirituality, and more. I love talking about the things everyone else avoids. I am obsessed with bringing light to the darkest aspects of the human experience, because I truly believe that the world would be a much happier, healthier place if we all learned how to approach difficult topics with candor and openness, instead of stuffing down our emotions and pretending everything's fine.

Brooklyn, United States

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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