March (final) session: sound healing and acupuncture fundraiser

Presented by Naomi ToCA

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Naomi ToCA

Toronto, ON, Canada • Hosting in a studio, in a warehouse, at a mystery location

I'm one of the 3 acupunks at Toronto Community Acupuncture (ToCA). We're friendly and welcoming, nimble with our needles, and we brew delicious tea. We are fortunate to occupy a beautiful space and would like to see it used to bring community together in new ways when we are not busy facilitating acupuncture naps.

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We love the deeply relaxing combination of acupuncture with singing bowls, chimes and majestic wind gongs. This will be the final session in our series designed by sound healer Barb McIntosh for ToCA. The theme for this session is coping with transition, grief and bereavement, but you can also set an intention for your own healing needs. All will benefit regardless of their circumstances.

What to expect

We feel sound as much as we hear it. Tibetan Singing Bowls and Chinese Wind Gongs create a broad range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of body, mind and soul. Both sound healing and acupuncture provide the body with a way to return to its own healthy rhythms. After you receive a simple, balancing acupuncture protocol, let your body absorb the soothing sound bath of the bowls and gongs as you become progressively more relaxed. You can either recline in a chair, lie on the floor, or sit up in a comfy arm chair. The sound healing session will take place in candlelight and last for about an hour.

Why is this happening?

Many patients come to ToCA to get support for going through bereavement. It seems that coming to a safe quiet place and being still with the help of acupuncture helps with this painful process. It is also clear to us that a version of bereavement is happening whenever we struggle to let something go - whether we have chosen to or not. 50% of proceeds from this evening will again go to support Emily's House, Toronto's first children's hospice, located at Broadview and Gerrard. We love the work they do in supporting families through difficult times.

Toronto, Canada

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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