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Isaac Haise Joseph

NYC • Hosting in an apartment, on a rooftop, in a living room, at a cafe, at a restaurant

I have private theater that I would love to host a short film screenings as well as visual Digital arts. Rooftop is available and open to all forms of art expression of ideas and our apartment we would like to have more intimate showcases such as poetry and discussions .

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Join us in our tiny movie theater, where we will be screening short films, music videos, and other video art. We would like to make this a feeling space to spend some time enjoying digital art and expanding our minds + concepts behind the films and the creators. We look forward to you joining the conversation. We are committed to the development and growth of the “Artistic” community. BTW : BYOB 😋☺️

What to expect

Friendly, open, expressive exploration. Bring your own food + snacks, to share we are doing this potluck style. Photo Booth will be up for awesome, kool, quirky photos.

Why is this happening?

There are so many stories to tell and very little places to see them (especially the good ones) Now more than ever, we as an artistic community have the ability to tell our original stories. The film industry has been saturated with the remake of the remake. All are thinking the same thing... WHERES THE GOOD 😊 SHIT!?! Its here in our theater Our long term goal is to have regular screenings focuses on sharing and producing original work and content from writers, artists and other creators. We use YouTube and other digital distribution platforms to share and discuss our content with our audience. Your support will make this happen. Financial support goes to producing more quality art + hosting better events.


Bushwick, Brooklyn, United States

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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