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The mission of Areté Venue and Gallery is to provide a home for adventurous music and art, with an emphasis on multimedia and interdisciplinary performance.

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FRaGMeNTS is a program of new music that explores the coexistence of strength and fragility by examining our relationship with the Earth. The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) will premiere Will Mason's Larsen C, a work inspired by the ice shelf that lost a huge fragment in July 2017, a newly commissioned work by Emily Praetorius, and works by Missy Mazzoli and Leaha Villareal. Fragments will also feature wearable sculptures by artist Chanel Matsunami Govreau. About the Music: Larsen C by Will Mason is inspired by the iceberg that broke off in Antarctica (when he began writing the piece, the iceberg was still attached). Emily Praetorius’ “Time Allotted for that Emanation (at that time),” which is a meditation on lace, a fabric that can be both delicate and sturdy, depending on how it is cared for or used. Other pieces on the program are Missy Mazzoli's "Still Life with avalanche" and Leaha Villareal’s Oceania. Musicians: Laura Cocks, flute Mara Mayer, clarinet Pauline Kim Harris, violin Thea Mesirow, cello Sugar Vendil, piano Joe Tucker, percussion

What to expect

This is a concert with a semi-formal yet relaxed vibe. We'll start on time at 8pm, and the program will run for about one hour. Beverages will be available for a small donation.

Why is this happening?

This event is organized by the Nouveau Classical Project and came together based on two new composer commissions and the artists' dedication to caring for our environment.


Brooklyn, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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