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I think every person needs a place of Self to retreat to – for me, that place is the kitchen. I call it my ‘kitchen boudoir’ – a place where I can connect, create, unfold, nurture, and share my creations as an act of love with myself and with others I care about. I am a food-obsessed word nerd or a word-obsessed food nerd, depending on the day and love to get creative in the kitchen. Gathering people to feast around a table having conversations that matter is my ultimate happy place. I believe wholeheartedly that creativity is a form of holy self care – that’s been the only way past my own chronic intellectual, stuck-in-overthinking-mode ways. I started Nurture out of a need in myself to work alchemically with my darker, needier, or unmet parts. I immersed myself in the transformational ‘schools’ of playing with food, playing music, playing with words on the page, and that lead me to want to do and learn and grow more because I started to feel more and more myself and more and more alive. Combine this creative adventuring & soul tuning with my childhood dream of renovating an old farm house and building a bed & breakfast for creatives, and the seedling of this company was born. I want to nurture: Community. Connection. Creativity. Collaboration. This is what feeds me. Oh and butter. You could court me with butter.

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You’re feeling isolated and in need of a community who understands the particular ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, leader or creative artist. You want to find kindred creatives to learn from, collaborate with and be inspired by. Since the most fruitful and sincere connections are often built around the dinner table, we have cooked up a space for you to show up and be fed both in spirit and in body. Each month, Nurture offers a collaborative intimate dining experience that is part community incubator, part supper club, part creative discourse on the subject of self care – all delicious, organic, and served family-style. Includes: - Welcome cocktail - Three course dinner designed and cooked by Sonja Seiler, founder of Nurture (, inspired by the spirit and philosophy of long-distance creative textile collaborative, Calica Studio ( - Creative presentation by Rebecca Horwitz & Meghan Macdonald, founders of Calica Studio - Community and connection with people up to amazing creative things. **Allergies and food sensitivities wholeheartedly embraced with advance notice.** ABOUT NURTURE: Nurture tells stories and creates community through thoughtful, nourishing food experiences and retreats - a safe, delicious space to show up exactly as one is. ABOUT CALICA STUDIO: Calica Studio is a collaboration between Rebecca Horwitz and Meghan Macdonald. We met in 2007 while studying textiles at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. With each collection we gather and scan personal photographs and found objects. Our toolboxes explode with brushes, dyes, oil pastels, mylar and wax. Manipulating images with our hands and computers, we work collaboratively to create a final design. Our artwork is then digitally printed onto soft wool and cashmere, woven in cotton or painted by hand onto pottery. Our process is small scale and sustainable.

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This showcase will be a collaborative and creative interpretation of the spirit and aesthetic of collaborative textile duo, Calica Studio, through food and creative discussion. I got really intentional when designing what I want the Nurture Harvest Table Dinners to be (creatives up to cool things around beautiful tables laden with delicious food and inspiring real talk). I also love an idea I read recently (attributed to Steve Jobs) that creating something tasteful and resonant is actually about 'saying no to 1000 things.' So, for these dinners, here's a few things I am saying no to, to make room for what truly connects: - No to guests practicing elevator pitches. Yes to practicing eye contact. - No to networking. Yes to connecting and getting inspired to collaborate. - No to passing out business cards. Yes to passing the butter. - No to pretending everything looks as good as it does on this night (and it looks stunning). Yes to being honest about the work, personal development and bravery in the face of the uncomfortable that goes into our creative projects. If these NOs make you say "heck, YES. Finally. An evening where I don't have to hide behind a veneer of having it all together, but get to show up as myself and gather with others who are also invested in the same.", these dinners are for you. **A note on our cancellation policy - we recognize that outer circumstances beyond your control sometimes happen and are always sorry to miss having you at our dinners when that is the case. If you can find someone to take your place, we are happy to offer a full refund, minus a small processing fee. Otherwise, we are unable to offer refunds or honour tickets for future events due to a combination of two key factors: 1) The perishable nature of the food items purchased for each dinner, which much of the ticket price goes towards. 2) Our limited-seating venue charges per person. That being said, we would love to offer you a 50% off code to attend a future dinner, if that is the case. Simply message us through Artery or email and we'll send it to you!

Why is this happening?

A lot of creative people and entrepreneurs tend to work in isolation - I love the magic; the solidarity; the collaborative cross-pollination that happens when we join together in community over a shared family-style meal. The connections remain and often blossom into collaborations or supportive community outside of the event. Providing a safe and inspiring space to have the kinds of conversations about what it's REALLY like to be a leader/entrepreneur/creative, underneath the masks, is so important. Cover Photo by Lauren Kolyn (


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