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NYC • Hosting in an apartment, on a rooftop, in a living room, in a kitchen, at a mystery location

Hi guys! We're Epiphany and Simone. This is an art- filled space as Epiphany does visual art, as well as poetry, and Simone is a musician, mainly piano. Our roommates are super cool, one is a DJ/Producer and violinist, two are heavy gamers, one is a jazz and classical pianist, and the last one is a comedian. So all walks of Art Life are welcomed.

Space Info


I'm just looking to create a space for queer artists to queer it up to the max in. I love performing for people (Gemini what can I say?) and I'm interested in creating performance environments that I don't experience but crave very often as a professional musician.

What to expect

This is a performance/social event. Just want everybody to enjoy some sweet music and dancing then hang out with each other. Maybe find a date? ;) BYOB

Why is this happening?

I love performing for people and throw these showcases for myself for one! I'm also interested in having a loving and peaceful environment for queer artists to perform in. While this already exists in many places, there aren't many queer specific venue options for a performer. I know from personal experience that it is a lot less scary to perform queer music when you know you are in a safe space beforehand and vice versa for the performance attendee.



Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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