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rose pacult

no nation gallery, chicago et al. • Hosting at a storefront

In need of strong avente garden contemporary musicians to be featured in the gallery during exhibitions.

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Preface: I had a dozen locket necklaces, around my throat, suffocated by what portraits were inside of them; Inside there...Reminded Me of --- My Absent Souvenirs, Run Toward, Run toward -- RUN until I find My Souvenirs My missing Souvenirs, I am searching for you, My Missing Souvenirs-- If I do not find the souvenir from my past, you will bring a new one, right? The Actual: In America, we have souvenirs, like a mug with neon dolphins with “Miami” on their sides; or Milton Glasberg’s I <3 NY design iconically tied to NYC as the classical souvenir; or a necklace from North Carolina made by a locally known artist. Surprisingly, the paperweight snowglobe with a city inside originated in 1889 with the Eiffel Tower, yet, the definition of souvenir in French is less of an object, a tangible thing to be held, but more that of a moment, a memory, a meaningful time and place that sticks with you, carried your mind, forever, and that often cannot be recreated. The renaming of this location to the SOUVENIR MUSEUM is to say, for 24 hours the people who enter inside, who wander, who look, who feel, are going to find something that enters into the museum of their person; far more than any situation that equivocates a physical reminder of a time and a place.


Montreuil, FR

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