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Falsa is about transcendence and intimacy, a group of trained improvisational musicians that come together to bring 14th century style Sufi vocals (North Indian classical), Spanish Guitar (using various world/folk music systems), Balkan trumpet, Carnatic Violin (South Indian classical), Harmonium, Electric Guitar, Bass, and Drums (standard modern kit, and also dhol), and Tabla (indian drum) in the same fold. NPR Newsworks: Short Bio: Described by NPR as a "cure for alienation" and "music that's not about means to ends but about meaning and transcendence", New York-based "Falsa" is a cathartic musical experience rooted in 14th century Sufi music of North India and Pakistan; and developed into a chamber fusion ensemble, a diverse group of extraordinary improvisational musicians dedicated to craft. The effect of listening to Falsa is to be transported both inwards and across centuries of joys, sorrows and longings.

What to expect

The audience should come intellectually hungry, open to being deeply moved by a contemplative, intimate, ancient, and transcendent art form. BYOB! Falsa's music is rooted in the traditions of North India/Pakistan and 14th Century Sufism, fused with contemporary styles and improvisation. Our music has been described by NPR as a "cure for alienation" and music that is "not about means to ends, but about meaning and transcendence.", a "cathartic experience that transports the listener both inwards and across centuries of joys, sorrows and longings".

Why is this happening?

To perform music that fulfills a shared longing, for deep connection, for home, for union, for community, for harmony, and for healing.


Brooklyn, US

Directions and address will be sent to attendees.

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